TESLA Rental focusing and specializing in Film Production Equipment. Our extensive inventory of equipment is well maintained and per-checked prior to your usage. Our excellent support team helps to fulfill your rental needs whether big or small.

TESLA Rental welcomes Professional Foreign Productions to Ukraine. With advanced scheduling and equipment maintenance, TESLA Rental has proven itself in providing satisfaction and problem free vendor services. Successful production wraps and helping to come on or under budget brings pride to TESLA Rental.

Amateur Filmmakers
Everyone has to start at the beginning. TESLA Rentals supports Amateur Filmmakers in their rise to glory. We offer beginner pricing to help filmmakers and directors build their future in film.

Above and Beyond Rentals
Many times, a Production needs additional services beyond rentals. As Procurement experts for the Film Industry, we can help you by providing the following services from our partner companies and channel relationships:

Other Film Services:
- Location Manager Services
- Organize Casting – Open & Private Calls
- Procurement of Local Specialty Trades
- Professional Local Talent Procurement (DP, Art Dept, etc.)
- Transportation Logistics
- Kraft Services

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